Impending Revelation

by The Furor

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IMPENDING REVELATION is the fourth full length album from Western Australian destroyers THE FUROR, released independently in 2014.

This album is a solo effort, like 2012's Sermon of Slaughter release.
It is entirely composed and performed by the band's founder DIZAZTER.

It's a relentless sledgehamming of Black/Death/Thrash Metal firepower, executed with ungodly precision and impervious conviction.


released March 1, 2014

Mixed at Nightwind studios, Perth Western Australia by Dave Sandstrom.

Solo's performed by Rob Thorpe, Jarrod Curley, Mark DeVattimo, Lynton Cessford.

Cover art by James Campbell:

Additional Furoric devastation:



all rights reserved


The Furor Perth, Australia

Supreme Australian Black/Death Metal overkill!
Purging the Earth since 2002!

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Track Name: Hammer Hierarchy

Bursting from beyond, born of blasphemy and sickness,
Bastions of Hades recurring fires
Grind supposed trinities down to the finest dust
Subterranean terrors fully surface
Chastised by the light, incessantly
Heavily armoured hounds of Hell now eager to fight!

Timeless and formless, ascending through hierarchical stages
Ever battling yet always won, a damnating cycle circled by Sun
Enriched by alchemical oracles of ages
Bewitched by nefarious spirits inhabiting the land
The Doomsday command!

Blow by Blow!
Sharing the flavours of Hell!

Offerings are cast unto the fire
We gain utter allegiance from the dead
Endless armadas at our anxious disposal
Necromillitarized, noxious to no end….

Tidals of fire surging forth scorch the heavenly
Imminent empires now maraud messiahs
Sacraments of anguished sadism commend the coming of our warlords
….Atop the hammer hierarchy

Hellborn sire
Hallowed source of our tempest
Invigorate our souls till the endtime has come
Unstoppable even in death
Lash their mortal minds with blackest of wisdom
Sheppard their internal Hell
Dwindling tribes of the holy behold
Zion burning!!!!
Track Name: Inferno Fortificaion

Hear me when I say
‘Upon us are the end of days’
Foretold apocalypse is nearing
Via pestilence and plague
A necropopulous is made
The rabid remnants of utopia corrupted!
Personified by the traitor within
Sheer bliss obstructed!
Decent towards untimely condemnation begins

Vehement warfare rages
The bulldozing of the benign
Rewritten revelations
Lay to waste the passage of time.

Earthly temple enshrined, vacate!
Hail the harvenger of death!

Rapture writ in fire
Angelic urges wane
Terrorized beneath the rule of tribulation
Nothing lasts but your pain!

Through sacramental sacrifice
Usurp the deepest demiurge
Polarize the path to salvation
under the will of omnipresent scourge

Triumphant feast in praise of the beast
Perish the priest, all dogmas released
Reclaim the throne, unleash the unknown
Anticipate exalted fates!!

Fortify infernos higher
Furious flames lash the firmament
Tremors of the dark Empire’s rule are rising!
Asphyxiating Doctrines fall
Parishes Perish by the word
Tyranny we uphold by crucifying martyrs

Earthly temple enshrined, vacate
Hail the harvenger of death!
Helldwelling hordes awake
ramblings of the righteous ones, forsake!!!
Track Name: Summoned Obscurity

Incantations awake the Defilers
Conjurate the demiurges from the other side
Constrain the vacuous manifestation of mind and matter
It’s demented will flows through me!

Summoned intruders bounding from the black
Offer blasphemies
Steal the lifeforce back, they wreck your humble essence
Corrupt your universe!

Extort the fable
Earth, Wind Fire and Water
Respond to their demands
Through bloodshed and manslaughter
Shatter the tribe of man!

Vile yet virtuous
Killing before the rise of light
Slithering so insidious
With attributes of untold might!
Adding foul intention
For the constancy of reiteration
Increase my power and authority
Humbling phantasms to obedience

Escort this world unto its end!

Menstrual blood meets with semen
Sacramental wafers cease the slumber
Rifling the crypts, trading secrets with the dead
Evocate concealed eternities

Procure all blasphemies
In Absence of ambiguity
Evils will unfolds
Through torment unrelenting
Satanic stronghold!

Perpetuating the most primal of principles!
Track Name: Seven Trumpets (Ceaseless Armageddon)

Rushing the Shores at dawn
The veils of Maya shan’t elude us anymore
Grim sire appease the coming storm
Invoke your vengeance upon the pastors
Midnight's unholy will unchained!
Inside us the past is calling
Throughout our blood the murmurings are born
Elite bastions of modern doom will thrive
Bestial ravagers are benighted
like lightning they strike without trace!

Crooked cross erased!

Foul faith asunder
Damnation without form
We praise total war
Terminate the second coming
We vandalize the golden halls without pity, remorse or fear
Perpetrate with inner knowing
Steel sure dealers in death bestow hellfire and brimstone
Subjugate the sacred text
Distorted passages are abhorred
Eradication assured!

Proudly insane
Advocates of darkness and evil
Waging our wars till the sunset has come
Killing for our cause till the fall of time!

Heavenly light is shunned
Pre historical writings of wrath resolving
This is the start of the end
Quantum carnage for the embellished master
Bring the great divide
From the shadowrealm to this earthly hell
Enraged hordes concur
Spilling blood for the high priest of evil!
Track Name: Corpse Eclipse

Cosmic death, The gate to timeless carnage
Infinite in blackness, boundless interstellar tomb

Phenomenal empire, Megaverse now imploding
Buckling beneath momentous might, Prey to expanding blackness
Swallowed by itself

Thwarting the conquest of humanity
Aberration within the fabric of existence
Conjectured arrival of the apocalypse proves true
Unrestrained upheaval of every living universe

Radiate, Superclusters silenced
Vacuous vehemence absorbs time
Past and future collapsed to nothingness

Extinction upon us, Frozen forecast evermore
Eons eclipsed in absence of light,Your God commands the solar destruction

Retrogrades writhe under force of the devastation
Planets must collide grinding matter into dust.
Tidal abominations wipe bare the cosmic slate
Unrestrained upheaval of every universe

Behold the failure of creation to serve itself
Anoint the arrival of an insane new infinity

Pitch black presence within and without propels macrocosmic might
Sub solar spirits compel evolution to stagnate in the vacuum of time.

Spiral chaos sets holocaust's into action
Multiple raptures descend
Purging of faith again and again
Non dualistic beings supersede the cosmic death
Infiltrating in infamy
Into cross dimensional lairs

Plunging deeper
Into the void where heaven fell to hell
Forge from blackness a supreme energy
Birth unto fire
A Synagogue enshrined amongst flames

Defying the cosmic rule binding us
Impart the impossible, outwitting the Gods
With Alchemy unrestrained
Defeat the process imprisoning us
Tedious life that never ends
Eternal cosmic conspiracy
Inscribed into the flesh
Until we burn!
Track Name: Diabolic Liberation

Voices inside, command the abhorration of life.
Engulfed by some entity, this body becomes host to another, some sort of archfiend
Perceptions of horror cloud what is left of my mind
An instrument of the iniquitous, the mouthpiece of Satan,
Forever hammering upon the holy

Violent, Visions, Massacre of my mind
Images of hellish torture now appeal to my vacuous soul
Through offering of my allegiance, I secure a throne in deepest Hell
Tormentor of the sacred servants, Supreme inverter of angelic law

Blasting forth from the fire, all insulting
Hades unleashed, hail the beast, partly truthful, partly liar
Dominion of demonic scum, They and I at last become one
Temple of the corrupted body, a miscreation damned from birth!

Into the jaws of my fate, I will burn with the legendary masters
Voicing proverbs of hate, vomit forth obscene gibberish from beyond
Skin is lashed from within, riddles writ upon flesh, ungodly text
I am no one, Diabolic liberation at last!

Standing stoic at the gates below
Await the sentence of my fate
Barbarous beings insulting me
Mortal manglers of Hell's decree

Shining one, rid this fleshly vessel of lust for life
Overcome, I succumb to repossession by the original sinner
Lord of loss
Fallen felon
Eternal stalker of Mankind!
Track Name: Black Sorcerer of Sadism

A venomous verse initiate’s the Magik
Cast before inducted ones, speaking the truth they dreamt of
Damnating deeds deciphered
Aftermath Encrypted, through phases of the growing Moon.

Re-caste through incantation
Zero past!
Immaterial sorcerer of sadism

Futures foretold in fire, grotesque horrors laid bare
Through grimmest whispers, revelations of incarnation
Magnetic mayhem, immobilized by starkest light
As death encroaches, dismantling the illusion of life

Fallen foul to the instigator
Nullified by the master of might
Indoctrinized by the blasphemies becoming
Confounded witness to the demolition of your soul!

I untamed bear the blasphemic mark!

From grace has fallen, the archangel we trust
Entice holocaustic process through ritual lust

Assembly’s storming bold, bound for disaster
steeped in utter savagery, they abide as one manifest master!
I'll meet you within doom departing soul
As ageless flames engulf us, accept the challenge bold

I untamed bear the blasphemic mark!
First in line for Damnation
Burnt alive beneath purgatory's power
Inducted by grandmasters of death!
Track Name: The Pentagran Prevails

Raised high, the pentagram
Timeless unholy advancing forevermore
Past the point of zero return
Yet we must forge on in an axe age revolving
Doomed stars glimmering with dread
Reflected from nothing, suspended overhead
Towards the shattered past demonic voices heed
Shall we meet the maker?
Where will this gruesome conquest lead?

No past!
No future!
Outlast the eternity!

Fallen one, impart thy wisdom upon thee
In praise of his arrival we sacrifice lives unto the storm
Vanquish the debt, worship the fire, subjugate before the sword
Thrust into nothing, swallowed by fate, betraying the deity of mortals
We reign!

Vile guardians of the nightrealm, Wallow in sadistic lust
Plot the overthrow of the sire, Usher him into doom they must
Crushing hard the vestige of mercy, Pounding down the walls one by one
Encircled by the servants of sickness, Embezzled dictator become

Messengers of Mayhem, Psychopaths unbound
Vanquish all but vulgar, Disciples of the blackcrowned
Honoring Azazel, Prometheus imbued
Tear down walls within us, Bewitch the bastard broods

Incoming thrust, Warring archangels
Bestow the perfect dose of suffering
Righteous forewarned, Utterings unheeded
Dread the arrival of the horned

Guardians crushed, Temples tormented
Sadistic carnage all around
Heaven meets Hell, We ride demented
Throughout the battlefield of eternity!

Finite Holy mater, Succumbed to the sword
Enshrined in marauding malevolent fury, Embrace the stampeding hordes
Forsake the all that surrounds us, Recreate through abolition of rule
Hold high the essence of ancients