Assault by Fire (EP)

by The Furor

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This short EP is a taste of what we sounded like after our first lineup shuffle in late 2007.
Warlock had left the band and was replaced on Guitar by Kill Machine.
Kingslayer (ex Secretain,Pestilential Shadows) is the Bassist.
We tuned the guitars down to B for this release, lending more to the Death Metal attitude of the songs.
It was recorded on a digital 8 track machine, entirely by us, in our own rehearsal room!!!
Very RAW and primitive sound.
Only about 100 copies of this EP were ever distributed.
All three songs were re-recorded and featured on the WAR UPON WORSHIP album.


released March 4, 2008

Dizazter- Drums/Vocals
Kill Machine- Guitar
Kingslayer- Bass/Backup vocals

Produced entirely by the Furor in Perth, Western Australia 2008

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all rights reserved


The Furor Perth, Australia

Supreme Australian Black/Death Metal overkill!
Purging the Earth since 2002!

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Track Name: Supreme Righteous Mauling
Tyrants unleashed!
Epic blows condemn vast empire walls
Appalling text invokes abysmal trials upon the earth
Assault by fire, cloven hoof charge on, persecuting liars
Savages revolt with a lycanthropic urge to turn on masters!
To turn life into death, forewarned upheaval, lifelong curse revoked!

Attack imposters sacred!
Defilement barges through!
Bring hellish forgotten fears to life!
At last begin, process of doom!
Hell we release at the calling, black might
Thorn in the side of man!

Expel the weakness, under veil of darkness we storm the land
Ravenous reapers storm bold, united, yet dammed
Inhuman fortress, titans bursting rabid, lure rage from sacred rites
Infernal lifeforce awakes the urge to turn on masters!
To turn life into death, forewarned upheaval, lifelong curse revoked!

Attack imposters sacred!
Defilement barges through!
Bring hellish forgotten fears to life!
At last begin, process of doom!

Blind faith lies slain, the flock has scattered
Superior disaster in full moon
Pandemonium, the serpents hiss turns to laughter
All hail the age of pain!

Rivers flow with banished blood!
Come sin! Come plague! Come war!
Appease our urge for blood again, purging from slain in triumph!

Where once raged glorious fire, remains only certain doom
The tamed flock has again fallen, Supreme Righteous Mauling!

Divine eminence, aligned whores, immolate by darkness!
Complete at breaking of dawn, our undisputable win!

Cast among the fires
Oath of sacred strewn
The impious ones that feast on men
storm hereafter granting doom…

Command of chaos, carnage call, belial raping of the faithless!
With blatant fury's gleam within our eyes
Utopia on hold, striking all with the vile mace, soon approaching your god
at long last taking his grace away!
Track Name: Unholy Supremacy
Black fire strikes our path behold, pyres burn swiftly
Though plague battered grounds we march, approaching briskly
The towers of Saurc Naroth stand pale!
Wretched fortress, liar's abode
The stonekeeper of fiends unseen, clad by epic walls
Infiltrate with fire, and hearts spewing hate
Righteous blood’s upon our blades again

Denial, biased redeemer
Prophetic vow, ignored
Enraged arrival, vigilant damned
The almighty father’s kingdom walls, no longer stand!

Call upon, self true
Call upon, animal essence in man
Call upon, past broods
Call upon, pure truth your doom!

Blast Cremation! Hellbent scriptures set upon by lightning
Unhindered lust by men is made
Soon supplement all souls
Infuse with might
The inner beast calling
…..Till man no more!
Track Name: Rebirth Mark
Standing within flaming pits of rage!
Redeemed in battle, ravagers of purest light
Summoned by the call, enslaved by moons forever-after
A servant to sin more and more.

Rebirth Mark! Perfecting death at last, forgotten by fate
Rebirth Mark! Limbonic hunters rising must I evade
Rebirth Mark! Avenge thy perished past, storm again
Rebirth Mark! Obscure blasphemous revival
second coming born from doom!

War within, proud pawn of the mighty
Lifeless grin, up from ashes cast!
At dawn surface revered, the prophesised now in smoke
Approach the Reapers blade forewarned, entrusting death!

Horned invasion of the light!

I despise the feeble scum laying blind at the fortress of death
Wherein the seventh seals proud master condemns pillars of light
Slave to fear slut to pain, footstool of the bastards bygone reign
Fodder of the beast born unto the foul fever
Spreading weakness and blight!

Sin master, our ancient curse reborn
Baptize by fire and praise my second storm
Soul pyre, age old driving force
Ascend through death and higher, surpassing all!